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About St. Anthony's

The Catholic people of God of Columbus Grove, Ohio, had no place to call their own until 1912.  The faithful would travel to Glandorf, Ottawa or Kalida for the fulfullment of their spiritual duties which was no easy task due to distances and poor means of transportation at that time.


The desire of people to have their own parish grew very strong and culminated in a meeting of the Catholic families at Day's Opera House in Columbus Grove, on Januay 8, 1909.  There, a petition to the Most Reverend Bishop of the Diocese of Cleveland was drawn up.  The petition, expressing the belief that the Catholic people of this area could support a Church and referring to the good will of Father Nigsch of Ottawa, Ohio and Father Wittmer of Glandorf, who were present at the meeting, and their willingness to allow the division of their parishes to accomodate the new parish of Columbus Grove, was signed by C. A. Margin.  Affixed to the petition were the names of ninety-three subscribers with a total subscription of $5,789.50 plus a confident note that the amount could be increased to $8,000.00 on the assurance that the petition would be granted and a priest assigned.


A site was purchased in 1912 and on August 1, 1912, Father John N. Theis arrived and the 1st mass of the parish was conducted.  The Mass was celebrated in the rectory with the grateful laity and the Ottawa choir present.


Over the next 40 years, the parish showed continual growth.  Finally, in 1952, the superstructure of the current church was built.  The Church as named St. Anthony's in 1961 with the addition of a few new buildings.  The Columbus Grove St. Anthony Church parish is now a thriving community of believers and is now a Church and a school and is certainly a cornerstone of the Columbus Grove community.


Over the years, many wonderful priests and laity helped build both physically and spiritually the Church as it stands today.


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